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Cookie Stumbler Mobile for MAC – Mobile browser featuring privacy controls and more. This app was created by WRITEITSTUDIOS Inc. and yesterday updated into the new version. Download this Internet Utilities app for free now on


Cookie Stumbler Mobile for MAC Latest Version

Cookie Stumbler Mobile for Mac: Free Download + Review [Latest Version]. Before you download the .dmg file, here we go some fact about Cookie Stumbler Mobile that maybe you want to need to know.

App Name Cookie Stumbler Mobile App
File Size Unknown
Update 2011-09-09
Version 1.0
License Paid

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About Cookie Stumbler Mobile App for MAC

Cookie Stumbler Mobile is the mobile browser you’re looking for; it combines privacy features such as advertising & tracking Cookie protection with technologies such as Instaread, Reading Shelf and Feeds.

Main Features:

  • Great Design: CS Mobile is beautiful. It’s been designed to be easy to use.
  • RSS Feeds: CS Mobile supports RSS Feeds. Subscribe to any RSS/Atom feed by tapping the “RSS” icon the address bar or pick feeds from our feed directory. Read Feeds. Share Feeds. Be up to date.
  • Instaread: Many websites are cluttered with ads and flawed by using unnecessary text formatting. Instaread combats this by showing you the text you really want to read in neatly formatted paragraphs. You’re the boss: Customize the font, text size and more to your liking for the best reading experience.
  • Reading Shelf: Like websites? You’ll love Reading Shelf. Reading Shelf allows you to save any website & PDFs for offline viewing in your personal shelf. This allows you to view websites wherever whenever you want.
  • Advertising Filter: CS Mobile features a clever ad blocker that blocks ad popups and removes advertisements from websites, which makes websites you’re viewing more readable than ever before.
  • Advertising & Tracking Cookie Protection: There are a lot of companies who can track your surfing behavior simply by you visiting a website. Just 10 advertising Cookies can profile you in detail and this is a problem. So here’s the solution: We’ve included the same great heuristics engine that Cookie Stumbler for Mac features to clean these Cookies and ensure your privacy!
  • News Headlines: The headlines bar shows the up to date headlines of feeds you’re subscribed to in a marquee so you’re always up to date on the world’s news while browsing.
  • Advanced Features: CS Mobile supports the “Do-Not-Track” header along with many other advanced features that are a must in the Internet of today.
  • Share with the Cloud: Download files to your personal “My Downloads” folder and view them offline. Or share them with friends. CS Mobile supports sharing to MobileMe, Dropbox, Google Reader, Mail and any FTP & WebDAV server. Or share your files via your Web browser by enabling the built in Web server. The possibilities are endless.
  • 3 Browsing Modes: You can either browse websites in full screen, in private browsing mode or in standard mode. Private Browsing Mode not only doesn’t save your browsing history, but also rejects Cookies that could profile you.
  • Cookie Stumbler Sync: We also offer Cookie Stumbler for Mac, an application that removes tracking Cookies from all major Web browsers. With CS Sync, you can synchronize your Blacklists (contains Cookies you never want to keep), Keeplists (contains Cookies you always want to keep) and Cookie Definitions wirelessly from iPad to Mac for free.
  • Unlimited Tabbing: You can have as many tabs as you want. Period.
  • Definition Updates: We provide cookie definition subscriptions for Cookie Stumbler Mobile, which updates the app’s filter against the most up to date tracking and advertising cookies, which makes sure CS Mobile is up-to-date against modern cookie privacy threats. The following durations are available: 1 Month ($ 0.99), 6 Months ($4.99) and 1 Year. ($8.99) If you own Cookie Stumbler for Mac, all definition updates for the iPad version are free. (you can sync them wirelessly)
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New Features

New features is not yet available.

Installing Apps on MAC

Most Mac OS applications downloaded from outside the App Store come inside a DMG file. Like if you wanna download Cookie Stumbler Mobile for mac from this page, you’ll directly get the .dmg installation file into your MAC.

  1. First, download the Cookie Stumbler Mobile .dmg installation file from the official link on above
  2. Double-click the DMG file to open it, and you’ll see a Finder window.
  3. Often these will include the application itself, some form of arrow, and a shortcut to the Applications folder.
  4. Simply drag the application’s icon to your Applications folder
  5. And you’re done: the Cookie Stumbler Mobile is now installed.
  6. When you’re done installing: just click the “Eject” arrow.
  7. Then you can feel free to delete the original DMG file: you don’t need it anymore.
  8. Now, enjoy Cookie Stumbler Mobile for MAC !

You don’t have to put your programs in the Applications folder, though: they’ll run from anywhere. Some people create a “Games” directory, to keep games separate from other applications. But Applications is the most convenient place to put things, so we suggest you just put everything there.

DMG files are mounted by your system, like a sort of virtual hard drive. When you’re done installing the application, it’s a good idea to unmount the DMG in Finder.

Uninstall Apps on MAC

Removing Cookie Stumbler Mobile apps is more than just moving them to the Trash — it’s completely uninstalling them. To completely uninstall a program on MacBook/iMac, you have to choose one of the options on below.

Method 1: Remove apps using Launchpad

Another manual way to delete Cookie Stumbler Mobile apps from your Mac is using the Launchpad. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click Launchpad icon in your Mac’s Dock.
  2. Find the Cookie Stumbler Mobile that you want to delete.
  3. Click and hold the Cookie Stumbler Mobile icon’s until it starts shaking.
  4. Click X in the top-left corner of the app icon.
  5. Click Delete.

Method 2: Delete MAC apps with CleanMyMac X

Now it’s time for the safe and quick app uninstalling option. There’s a safest way to uninstall Cookie Stumbler Mobile on Mac without searching all over your Mac, and that’s by using CleanMyMac X.

  1. Launch CleanMyMac X and click on Uninstaller in the left menu.
  2. Select the , you can either uninstall it or, if it’s not acting as it should, you can perform an Application Reset.
  3. Click on Uninstall or choose Application Reset at the top.
  4. Now that the application cleanup is complete, you can view a log of the removed items, or go back to your app list to uninstall more.
  5. And you’re done to remove Cookie Stumbler Mobile from your MAC!


Cookie Stumbler Mobile Alternative App for MAC

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